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The Diaz Sisters
StefanieSolange and Samantha Diaz

The network currently works as a bridge, creating an alliance with every craftsman, artisan of the region to create a better quality of life for the community. 

It all started with a seed that sprouted in the hearts of Zayra and Laura, in February 2018. Their idea is to ​​create a sustainable economy through a network of weavers. Thier purpose is to support the country’s emerging artisans .

Their mission is to honor the art of weaving, by remembering. The word “remember” comes from the Latin recordis: that means to return to the heart.

This is how LLANKAYS’s mission is to return to the heart through this ancestral practice of weaving, which entails not only keeping the legacy alive, but also participating as artists and creative masters in our society.

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