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In our catalogue you will find unique experiences, organized by bilingual guides in wonderful places so that you can live unforgettable moments.


Since 2013 we have been producing international transformational gatherings and pilgrimages.

This experience made a huge shift in our perception of life and relationships. Now we are ready to invite more people from around the world to join us in the co-creation of a Global Village.

We Promote:
Consciousness about our connection with Nature. Premium Quality of Life. Prosperity for Everyone. Holistic Health. Support Community Development. Enjoy the Richness of Cultural Diversity. Learn to tune in with our Inner Guidance. Practice Self-love


  • Intercultural knowledge and wisdom
  • Regeneration of the territories and their people.
  • Practices and techniques for holistic health
  • Reconnection with the elements Earth.Water.Fire.Air.Ether
  • Natural and healthy relationship with medicine plants and it’s properties.

Seasonal Tour

“where the lion sleeps”

palomino – La Guajira, caribe colombiano

Also known as YUAWIKUN ( “meeting place” in native language). “Where the lion sleeps” has a beautiful cabin, with a loft and wooden floor, built in the middle of the mountain, just a few meters from the river.

This magical place invites us to rest and immerse ourselves in the beauty of the Sierra.

3 to 4 hour hike going up the mountain from Palomino.

Price: 3 to 5 nights
$420 – $530 usd.

Seasonal Tour : June to September

“Humpback Whales Retreat: Quantum Well+being”

Bahia Malaga, Colombian Pacific 

“Whales’ sounds and songs sustain the planetary vibrational frequency. They are the keepers of the threshold for the liberation of our level of consciousness. The AKASHIC records keep the multidimensional memory of each spirit. During our journey we will be preparing the way to assume the responsibility of opening the akashic records. It will be an awareness process, awakening beyond the duality, to remember, to restore and recover our original memory.” Patricia Salazar

Price: 4 nights
$777 usd.

January and July (Every Year)
9-day sit-in

SPIRITUAL RETREAT: return to the origin

in Sasaima- cundinamarca with mamo lorenzo izquierdo (bunkuaringuekan)

It is done with intention, direction and a purpose of purification, of healing the spirits of all nature, and to harmonize the relationship with our ancestors.

Seasonal Tour: January to July

“Musical CACAO”

palomino, La guajira –  caribe colombiano

For this adventure, we invite you to meet a beautiful couple, Nube and Cesar: Cesar is the guardian of the health center, and Nube a beautiful musician.

Our friends open the doors of their house to receive us and have a powerfull experience with cacao andf different crops from their food forest.

Approximately 5 hours away, walking up the mountain the ancestral path. 

Price: 3 to 5 nights
$450 – $750 usd.

Seasonal Tour

“Home of the serranos”

palomino – La guajira, caribe colombiano

On this tour we will discover a new world where nature and people will allow us to broaden our perspective on life. We will take baths in the kuisis, a really special river at the top of the mountain, we will visit a native village and the village called hippie kogui by the locals, where the highlanders live.

Price:  6 to 10 nights
$530 – $850 usd.

More expeditions coming soon... Stay tuned


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