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Weaving Wisdom is an interactive multimedia program, part of the Gaia Union Spirall network, focused on the personal development of the self from the ancestral vision. We share teachings in all areas of life with grandparents and wisdom keepers, through a unique combination of online and in-person educational experiences.

We support students in (re)connecting with their true nature, by healing their relationship with Self, Earth and Spirit.

“Plants Inner Alchemy / Plantas Alquimia Interna” Monthly Program $222USD


  • COP: $90,137


  • COP: $81,271



Dharana Maria +57 321 507 71 21

Through asanas and mudras, we integrate body, mind and spirit, discovering together the natural movement that inhabits our body, to flow and express the essence of being following the rhythm of our souls, tuning into the rhythm, with the elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether) and the forces of nature around us.

AIMED AT: Beginners, practitioners and instructors of yoga who want to enrich and incorporate into their practice elements of dance, and its relationship with the 5 elements of nature.



MORE INFO +57 321 507 71 21

Have you ever experienced African dance in your body?
It is super important to move, feel, sweat, drop and release all the tensions that our body picks up. Being at home can be a challenge if we don’t give our body the movement it needs to flow with the daily routines.
Since I started the classes with Marcela I have felt very good. It is a great gift for me to take the time to dance, to give, to reconnect with the inner strength and the feeling of freedom that Afro dance offers.

I really recommend it very much, it rejuvenates you, injects you with energy, takes away your pains and sorrows… Guaranteed!


November 1st

FULL MOON with our ancestors

“Embracing our creative potential”

Together we create a beautiful space to commune with our feminine gifts and tune in to song, dance and inner wisdom. 

A powerful retreat from everyday life
A chance to meet new people and get to know ourselves better.
A place to explore and express the creative potential of our womb.
An opportunity to listen or play songs together and to resonate with music instruments.
An adventure to feel your body and dance with the rhythm of your soul.
A space for listening to each other and sharing our experiences

January 2021 –
9-day sit-in

retorno al origen – return to the source

mamo lorenzo (bunkuaringuekan)

It is done with intention, direction and a purpose of purification, of healing the spirits of all nature, and to harmonize the relationship with our ancestors.

Comming Soon…

rosa maría palafox in colombia
Tehucan, puebla, méxico

Grandmother Rose carries the Flower and the New Sun Song.

Grandmother Medicine, Woman of native knowledge of Anahuac. Founder of the House of Studies of ANAHUAC: TLAKAL TONAL (HOUSE OF THE LIGHT BEING) in Tehuacán Puebla, México. Bearer of the medicine of TEMAZCALLI, Massage and Herbalism Mexika, Pre-Hispanic Nutrition and Sacred Sexuality. 

Steam House

Purification Therapy

In addition to the therapeutic advantages of sweating and aroma therapy; during the session the mind is meditated and harmonized through conscious breathing, ancestral songs, aromatic herbs and ancient teachings of the Americas.


Since 2013 we have been producing international transformational gatherings and pilgrimages. This experience made a huge shift in our perception of life and relationships. Now we are ready to move forward and invite more people from around the world to join us in the co-creation of a Global Village.

We Promote:
Consciousness about our connection with Nature. Premium Quality of Life. Prosperity for Everyone. Holistic Health. Support Community Development. Enjoy the Richness of Cultural Diversity. Learn to tune in with our Inner Guidance. Practice Self-love


  • Intercultural knowledge and wisdom
  • Regeneration of the territories and their people.
  • Practices and techniques for holistic health
  • Reconnection with the elements Earth.Water.Fire.Air.Ether
  • Natural and healthy relationship with medicine plants and it’s properties.

Season Tour

Rio Mamaise “Donde duerme el león”

palomino – La Guajira, caribe colombiano

Also known as YUAWIKUN ( “meeting place” in native language). A beautiful cabin, with a loft and wooden floor, built in the middle of the mountain, just a few meters from a ravine, is the refuge that invites us to rest and immerse ourselves in the beauty of the Sierra

Price: 3 to 5 nights
$220 – $330 usd.

Season Tour

rio los kuisis “hogar de los serranos”

palomino – La guajira, caribe colombiano

On this tour we will discover a new world where nature and people will allow us to broaden our perspective on life. We will take baths in the kuisis, a really special river at the top of the mountain, we will visit a native village and the village called hippie kogui by the locals, where the highlanders live.

Price:  6 to 10 nights
$330 – $550 usd.

Season Tour

tierra colibrí “santuario natural”

sierra nevada de santa marta, caribe colombiano

In this tour we will share quality time with a native family, we will dive among crystal clear waterfalls and native forests and we will stay in a natural reserve that works as an ancestral school of Earth Knowledge, Permaculture and Bioconstruction.

Precio: de 2 a 6 noches
$130 – $330 usd.

Season Tour

Cacao Musical

camino antiguo de palomino, La guajira –  caribe colombiano

For this adventure, we invite you to meet a beautiful couple, they are Nube and Cesar: Guardians of the health center. Approximately 5 hours away, up the mountain, they open the doors of their residence to us where there is a beautiful forest of food.

Price: 3 to 5 nights
$250 – $450 usd.


Face-to-face and Virtual (Multimedia)


Natural and Artesanal


Growth, Trade and Communication

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