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Diario Lunar
Reconociéndome cíclica.

Colectivo madre monte

Help us to bring awareness of the female centuries… Did you know that keeping track of your lunar cycle and your emotional, mental and physical world can improve your health and your relationships?

This agenda brings practices, recipes, information, tools and wisdom to understand more deeply the mystery of being a WOMAN… Support this initiative that works for women’s freedom from self-care and self-love.

Ideal for mothers, teenagers, women who wish to awaken their feminine sweetness, heal their personal relationships, harmonize their uterus and fill themselves with inner peace.

Price: $30.000 cop

Ceremonial Sonaja 


Wataga kora, espejo lunar blanco

Wataga Kora, White Moon Mirror, is a painter, sculptor and artist. Father , ancestral healer, student of the master Al Vivero and founder and director of the Utopia Theatre Company.

The development of his technique focuses on the construction, development and painting of ancestral musical instruments, rattles, maracas, shamanic whistles, drums, where through the language of the point, PuntOrigen, he managed to capture symbolism, sacred geometry, and mythology. 

The ceremonial maraca is made of Totumo and Yagé, and inside it there are different quartzes: white quartz, onyx, red jasper, amethyst, sodalite, carnelian, jade and citrine.

Sustainable design

vegetariano zapatos

jasson cuartas

We design and manufacture shoes and accessories with eco-friendly materials such as natural fibers and recycling.

Our main objective is to send a message of responsible and conscious consumption through our products and services. We highlight the cultural value of the materials we use to create our articles.

We emphasize the social value behind each piece. Showing the usefulness of using a product that can be biodegraded or recycled reducing the environmental impact by waste generation. 

Sustainable Fashion

BagÜe – energía creadora – CREATIVE ENERGY

Nathaly Casas (Nathural)
y Nancy Muñoz

We use 90% of Colombian material, most of the garments are 100% cotton and we work with textiles made on a manual loom in Colombia and Peru; in addition to a new ancestral printing technique that is still alive in many parts of the world and that is being used in Colombia by our “block printing”.

Our dyes do not contaminate the water, nor the printing and we are generating collections that are called from the different consciences or beings that need to reNaSer in this wonderful Babylon as the last collection “Spirit of Paramo”. 

Handcrafted Fabrics

llankay tejidos

zayra cassallas

We offer all kinds of handcrafted fabrics, mainly crochet and two-needle. Llankay means Manifestation of Creativity in Andean Values. It encompasses the crafts as they allow us to be in the manifestation of their own being as well. 

We are an open network of weavers and sustainable economy, sharing to the world the woven knowledge of all the artists.

Handicrafts in Iraca Palm

real andina

maría sierra

The Iraca is currently one of the most widely used plants in the country for making crafts.

The handicraft products, which can be derived from this palm are hats, baskets, bags, hammocks, mats, fans, curtains, cases, sashes, shoes, belts, bottle protectors, placemats, adventurers and animal figures.

The Art of Weaving

mochilas – retorno al origen
return to the source

ana felicia y mamo lorenzo

It is done with intention, direction and a purpose of purification, of healing the spirits of all nature, including the ancestors, harmonizing and nourishing the spirits including the ancestors.

The sheep come out, born from the mountain, the wool comes from the Sierra, Chundua, first is harvested, cut, lava, softening, wool is spun with the spindle, twisted, spinning word thought.


Face-to-face and Virtual (Multimedia)


Natural and Artesanal


Growth, Trade and Communication

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