Face-to-face and Virtual (Multimeida)


Natural and Artesanal


Growth, Trade
and Communication

In the Universe, everything rotates from a spiral center.
From there a movement of energy expands into all the multiple dimensions of life.
The spiral inspires us, in it we reflect, from it we expand to recognize the
the infinite universe that we are !!

Participation and
Responsible Trade.

Participation and Data Base offer and demand of the entire Net.

Mutually beneficial alliances for all

Calendar of Events and Activities.

Directory with all the Organizations, Projects and Initiatives.

Map with all the places and points of the Network.

AlterNative Saving and Exchange System.

Banking and Project and Resource Management.

Common Fund Pro Free and and productive Lands.


Face-to-face and Virtual (Multimeida)


Natural and Artesanal


Growth, Trade
and Communication

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