¿How to choose?

The most important thing to keep in mind is our own interest, to observe ourselves and ask ourselves for sure: what do I really want to learn? What are the things that I am really passionate about? Arousing a passion for topics is essential in the process of natural learning, when we want to learn something that we like, self-determination, perseverance and the freedom to do it flourish on its own.

The body of knowledge is the set of knowledge that we possess, this is divided into different percentages between: what we want or are interested in, what we need, what the community considers important and what is imposed from society.

We invite you to contemplate the context in which you develop, so that you see the needs of your environment, in order to identify, according to your personal gifts, the following that you could learn and have the confidence to acquire that knowledge. In this way, the importance of acquiring it will also come from its usefulness in the community, its relationship with the environment, and this can inspire you or direct your decision.

At our Spirall Holistic School we offer educational programs that you can access from anywhere in the world. In our portfolio you will find conferences, courses, workshops, classes, consultancies, implementations, productive developments, among others.

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