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Holistic Management.

Holistic manager with interest in the development and articulation of regenerative projects. Content creator, writer, with studies in international business administration, social permaculture, leadership and anthropology and with experience in the design and execution of projects, as well as in the production of retreats, events and transformational festivals, such as the Hummingbird Pilgrimage, Earth Festival, Ancestral Village at Unify Festival, among others.

Ambassador of the Anahuac Tlakal Tonal House of Studies in Temazcal Medicine.  Certified dance therapist, researcher of the being, practitioner of holistic therapies such as crystal therapy, music therapy, therapeutic massage, reiki, among others.

Her curiosity for the possibilities of the body in union with the spirit, has led her to explore the ancestral arts, singing and dancing as an offering, prayer and tool for inner harmonization.  Since 2014 she has traveled and shared the message, products and services of Gaia Union Spirall around the world, offering Natural Yoga Dance, Women’s Spirals, Temazcales and Sound Elixirs.

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