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General Manager, Guardian of Vision, Internal Processes, Alliances & Projects. Gaia Union Mais Spirall BioL@b

Musician, Philosopher & Mathematician, Holistic Manager, Network Weaver, Ingenious Ancestral Visionary & Generator of TransFormations & ManiFestations of Light, Peace & Love, Messenger of an Ancestral-Future Vision, builds bridges between Ancestral Wisdom, the Modern Holistic World, the Artistic, Cultural scene and the Networks of ComUnicaction, New Policies & New Economies. Giving Life to the Synthesis of EcoSophia, the Art of Living in this Great Integral Holistic System of which we are all part. Gaia Maya, PachaMama, Mother Earth

In 2008, she founded Zentro Holistiko v8v, «Home of Spirit, Refuge for the Soul», where she began as a teacher of Yoga, Meditation, and VioDance. He currently shares in Avatar Trainings, Ecstatic Trance Ceremonies (Ancestral Radionics), Temaskales, Numerology & Sacred Geometry and Seremonial Sacred Sound Healing & Activation.

For years he has participated in meetings, processes and initiatives for the awakening of consciousness. such as Gaia Union MAIS, Spirall BioLab Seed, GEN / CASA, MingaNet, Dances of Universal Peace, Call of the Mother, Colibri Pilgrimage, Tribal Gathering, Cosmic Convergence, Tribal Rainbow Gaia GatheRings & Fusing Worlds.

Its constant presence in these diverse national and international scenarios has allowed the organic and consistent growth of the network, as well as the strengthening of its organizational structure.

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