Guardian of Wisdom, Pedagogue

Anthropologist from the National University of Colombia, with studies in psychology, astrology and philosophy. Practitioner and guardian of the ancestral wisdom of native peoples (Lakotas, Arhuacos, Huitotos and Koguis) with whom he studied and trained. Teacher and pedagogue in the development of an intercultural ecological educational proposal.

From his methodology for the development of the being, he deepens in the integration and synthesis of the modern western world with the ancestral cosmovision. He has worked in both worlds, studying the experience of communicating to the western world the technologies of being and the approach of the native world. He has developed an epistemology of the ancestral world, growing between the urban and the rural. This gives him the ability to generate sources of communication between the two cultures.

The proposal contains the ancestral model in a practical way that any human being can understand and apply, taking it to a basic and fundamental order that improves the human condition. It proposes a dialogue, between the original knowledge and the modern world, where the ancestral wisdom resurfaces with decisive force in the new cultural vanguard. Beyond being a theory, it is an experience, an action of exploring, investigating and living.

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