Pilgrimage: “Awaken in the Sierra”

$ 950.00

  • COP: 3,974,486.43$

Join us @ Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Magdalena and Guajira, Colombia. Book your adventure and enjoy!

We invite you to open your soul, to connect with the forces of nature and allow the magic of the Sierra Nevada to empower your body and mind.

We invite you to a self-transformation journey & to an unique experience!

“In the Sierra our body, mindand spirit reconnect with their Original State, and that is the true healing”


Date and Activity

22/08/2023 Stay at Yay Sustainable
23/08/2023 Travel to Palomino
23/08/2023 Cacao ceremony Tribal Circle Joana Casas and Native Women
23/08/2023 Stay at Casa Chapolin in Palomino
24/08/2023 Sierra Trek : Ancient Royal Path to YUAWIKUN
25/08/2023 Visit the Mamaise river. Sacred waters
26/08/2023 Rest and Relax with Nature
27/08/2023 Sierra Trek Nature Expedition
27/08/2023 Stay at Hotel in Palomino
28/08/2023 Travel from Palomino to Guachaca
28/08/2023 Weaving Tribal Circle with Natali & Saga Maria
28/08/2023 Stay at Yay Integration and Rest
29/08/2023 Stay at Yay Integration and Rest

The package only includes the food for the Sierra trek (from the 24th to the 27th), it doesn’t include the meals of the 22nd, 23rd, 28th and 29th.

Sierra Trek : Ancient Royal Path to YUAWIKUN (from the 24th to the 27th)

This place is called by the owner Leo: Where the Lion Sleeps. And it is also known as YUAWIKUN ( “meeting place” in native language). “Where the lion sleeps” has a beautiful cabin, with a loft and wooden floor, built in the middle of the mountain, just a few meters from a beautiful crystallin water creek and a few miles for different rivers to visit. The mission is to provide a space where you can find, observe, listen to all variety of flora and fauna of the region. a small nature reserve is being created where nature is impacted in the least possible way, strengthening the water wells that are on the ground. The land in a place where approximately 3 or 4 hours walk into the jungle you can find a very comfortable place to find total silence, crystal clear waters, natural pools. The mountains, native fruits, and rivers of the Sierra will be available for us in pristine sanctuaries natural reservations “Where the Lion sleeps” Here we will be able to bathe in purifying waters, enjoy nutritious food and connect deeply with nature every day. This is a unique opportunity to expand and know your self better.

7am we will start going up in a 3 to 4 hour walk.
These majestic places must be respected and understood before entering. We will walk along ancient paths doing loving offerings with our thoughts. *During our trek we will visit a Kogui Village. 12. Arriving, lunch and getting settled.5pm Integration and presentation to the territory, ritual song and dance offering.

We will spend the day playing and having fun at the river. We will visit the Mamaise river, go down in floats and after we enjoy our time, we will come together to meditate and reflect in the teachings of our elders.

Time to rest, integrate, be and feel deeply the beauty of the mountain.

With the brightness of the forest and the infinite sounds of all living creatures. We will go down in our own pace, enjoying our time together.

This magical place invites us to rest and immerse ourselves in the beauty of the Sierra.


+Healthy and nutritious Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner every day 

+Mule transportation for the luggage

+Accommodation for 3 nights 4 days up in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta 

+Translator Spanish – English 

+Gifts to the native communities (souvenirs)

+Hammack for sleeping

 ++++Optional ( by your request, not extra charges)

+Daily guided meditation practice 

+Natural Yoga Dance practice

+Contact improv dance workshop

+Ritual song and dance offering



+Transportation to Palomino

+Food the 22nd, 23rd, 28th and 29th.

+Sleeping Bag, Pillow or Blankets



  1.  The Footwear must be comfortable, especially for Trekking 
  2. Always have an ecological and effective repellent
  3. For the mosquitoes you can wear thin long-sleeved cotton clothes preferably. 
  4. If possible take about 8 days before Thiamine and Complex B. This changes the pH of the blood and prevents so much bites.
  5. Bring a small bag to do the walks, for carrying basic things such as a water botlle
  6. We recommend carrying bags to protect cellular, cameras, from the water.
  7. Let us know in advance any food alergie, or preference of foods.

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a natural reserve, home to the largest diversity of birds in the world. It is considered a sacred land, composed of snow peak mountains, rainforests, tropical beaches, and living ancestral native cultures. The Sierra Nevada, it is also considered a World Patrimony Site by UNESCO for its rich biodiversity. It brings together all the climates of the planet from perpetual snows to an infinite sea. 




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