Women’s Spirals Facilitator Program (1 of 6) $60USD


  • COP: $222,000



What are the Women´s Spirals?

Based on ancient traditions, and modern knowledge together we create a beautiful space to commune with our feminine gifts and tune into our inner wisdom.

  •  A comfortable retreat from everyday life.
  •  An opportunity to meet friends and get to know ourselves better.
  •  A place to explore and express the creative potential of our matrix.
  •  An opportunity to listen to or make songs together and resonate with musical instruments.
  •  An adventure to feel our body and dance to the rhythm of your soul.
  •  A space to listen to each other and share our experiences.


Together we can also explore these topics, through questions from the attendees:

  •  Self-love and inner balance.
  •  The menstrual cycle and its purpose.
  •  Conscious sexuality and healthy relationships.
  •  Tools and tips for emotional awareness.
  •  Breathing techniques for transforming ecstasy.
  •  Communication and conflict resolution.
  •  Natural expression and self-confidence.

Together we create a Portal for Transcendence with Nature.  A doorway to go beyond our regular interactions by cultivating Deep Presence.  We create a space for conscious breathing, silence, and artistic expression.  We explore the power of movement, dance, joy, music from listening.  We respect diversity and differences.


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Women’s Spirals (x1) $15USD

A powerful retreat from everyday life
A chance to meet new people and get to know ourselves better.
A place to explore and express the creative potential of our womb.
An opportunity to listen or play songs together and to resonate with music instruments.
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